We Are Tomorrow

September 17, 2009

This should have been the first post on this blog, but it on an impulse and I wasn’t thinking.

This blog was originally up at http://www.jacobaaronbundren.com but that is now my photography website. I didn’t have a blog for a while and I began to miss it. Where else was I supposed to ramble on about all of the nonsense that runs through my head on a daily basis?

So, here you are at wearetomorrow.wordpress.com. The name comes from a song by a band called Bleach. It’s called “We Are Tomorrow” and it’s about not waiting to rise up. That’s essentially what this blog stands for, not being stagnant. These may just be my thoughts, but I believe in rising up, going against the grain, and standing up for change.

That will be all for now.

-Jacob Aaron Bundren
Currently Listening to Rookie of the Year – Summer


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