Stephen Christian of Anberlin

September 28, 2009

This is taken from an interview with Stephen Christian of Anberlin.

Is religion a big factor when writing as a band? And has it ever had a negative effect on anything you were doing as a band?

Stephen: I think the only ‘big factor’ religion could have on any aspect of any album would be on the lyrics. I don’t think Deon sat down to write a God-fearing bass line, or Nathan coming up with the perfect praise and worship beat. For me though, I have never sat down and tried to write a ‘religious’ lyric in my life. I just write. One’s faith should be like DNA. No matter what they are involved in, no matter what career choice, no matter who they encounter it simply should be ingrained and a part of them. My faith is simply a part of me. I can no easier remove my belief in Jesus than remove my cells or heart.


One Response to “Stephen Christian of Anberlin”

  1. Alicia said

    wow. that was a great response! he couldn’t be any more correct.

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