September 26, 2009

B4W Teaser
Why does it have to be every man for himself?

What happened to loving your neighbor?

What happened to taking care of the ones in need?

Our society seems to have forgotten these fundamental ideas. This is an essential step backward. This is the start of something that gives back.

More information to come.


Sons of Promise

September 17, 2009

Mount Moriah.

Anybody heard of it?

I didn’t think so. Not many people have. It’s actually more of a mountain range than it is an actual mountain. It’s name may elude you now, but to the Hebrew culture, Mount Moriah was something you were definitely familiar with. Mount Moriah was traditionally known as the Temple Mount. Though the actual location of the Temple of Solomon has been debated for years, the name probably sounds more familiar. Among many important events that took place here, there is one that I’m emphasizing on.

The sacrifice of Isaac, the only son of Abraham and Sarai. Abraham’s wife, Sarai or Sarah, was infertile (Gen. 11:30) and behold, after an angel appears to her, she has a child. God called Abraham to take Isaac upon the mountain and make him a sacrifice. What do you think was going through Abraham’s head? Isaac was Abraham’s son of promise. What a stretch of faith that would be! Abraham loved Isaac more than anything, but he is also a faithful man, so they set out off to the Mount of the Lord to make a sacrifice.

Abraham is one of my favorite characters in the Bible, mainly because of his devotion. He’s going to sacrifice his entire world right now. He raises the knife and is commanded to stop. It was a test. God wouldn’t allow him to slaughter his own son, but He wanted to see if Abraham would listen. I see it as God asking Abraham “How far are you actually willing to take this?” and Abraham’s son was spared. To me, I see it as a thank you from God. He’s saying “Thank you for being faithful, now you are free. You’ve done what I asked. You pass.”

When I was studying this, it jumped out at me. These last few months have been incredibly difficult and at many times, in a sense, i’ve felt like Job. The things that are important to me have been taken away, but God still provides.

Many of you know that I was called to move to Huntsville, Alabama. Why God called me to Huntsville, Alabama was a mystery to me, but I believe it’s becoming clear. When God tells you to go, there’s no fighting that. When God tells you to pack up everything you have, drive across the country and call that new land “home”, you can’t fight that. So I did, and here I am. The mystery of why I’m here has only become clear in the last week or so. I’ve been praying and praying and praying asking God why I’m here and I opened up my Bible to this story of Abraham and Isaac. I learned about this story of a test and God said to me, “You pass. You’ve done what I asked you to do. Every bone in your body was fighting it, every ounce of you wanted to stay in California. Despite what you felt, you did as I commanded and you were faithful. You pass.”

What a relief that was! Here I was wondering what I’m supposed to do with my life here. When talking to my friends from back home, I’d refer to my new home as “this God forsaken place” but now I know that I was sent here as a test. God hasn’t forsaken this place, but only prepared a temporary place for me to endure this season of trial. This is my Mount Moriah, my place of sacrifice, and plenty has been sacrificed to be here.

“You pass.”

I’m not sure what the next days hold. Will I remain here? Will I return to California? Will I go some place crazy? Who knows? There is comfort knowing that I wasn’t brought out here for nothing, and there will be comfort with whatever these next few months hold, because as long as we remain faithful, we will be sons and daughters of promise. We will not be forgotten.

-Jacob Aaron Bundren
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We Are Tomorrow

September 17, 2009

This should have been the first post on this blog, but it on an impulse and I wasn’t thinking.

This blog was originally up at http://www.jacobaaronbundren.com but that is now my photography website. I didn’t have a blog for a while and I began to miss it. Where else was I supposed to ramble on about all of the nonsense that runs through my head on a daily basis?

So, here you are at wearetomorrow.wordpress.com. The name comes from a song by a band called Bleach. It’s called “We Are Tomorrow” and it’s about not waiting to rise up. That’s essentially what this blog stands for, not being stagnant. These may just be my thoughts, but I believe in rising up, going against the grain, and standing up for change.

That will be all for now.

-Jacob Aaron Bundren
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